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From Reborn..Happy Birthday Kat..I love you.
To join the server open up your console in TF2 and type "connect"
Need Game footage of Clan Members to create recruitment video. If interested see Nuadin.

    Part 1 of Chapter 5 of TF2 time.

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    Part 1 of Chapter 5 of TF2 time. Empty Part 1 of Chapter 5 of TF2 time.

    Post  BLU She Scout on Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:05 am

    Team Fortress 2 Time
    (part 1)CHAPTER 5!!!! (or whatever the chapter is now)
    LAST TIME ON TEAM! FORTRESS! 2 TIME! Our little lovebirds had a little conflict goin' on between the RED Scout, and RED Spy. Apparently while BLU Scout and BLU Spy went off to grab something for their girlfriends, the RED's made their moves. THe BLU's didnt take it very well, killing the RED's and soonly running off, teary eyed. Kat ran off after Scout and broke her leg just as a Heavy was coming and knocked her out. Scout is now running her back to the infermary. Will Kat stay unconscious and never be able to tell Scout how she really feels about him? How is Kayla going to face Spy? Why have I gotten so lazy with writing these stories? All these questions will be answered. Right here! RIGHT NOW ON....TEAM! FORTRESS! 2 TIME!!!!!!!!
    *Medic is inside of his room, making one of the beds in the infermary. Heavy walks in rubbing his head and yawning* Heavy: vas good day. yes doctor?" Medic sighs* Medic: yes it vas, Heavy. But i can't help but zink zer is something very bad about to..." Scout bursts into the room carrying me.* Scout: DOC!!!" Medic and Heavy look over quickly with surprised faces* Heavy: Vat does puny man ne.." Scout: save the bullshit man. KAT NEEDS HELP!" Medic and Heavy look down and see me in Scout's arms. Their eyes grow slightly wider with surprise.* Medic: hmm..vat is ze problem?" Scout rolls his eyes impatiently* Scout: oh i dunno...SHES UNCONSCIOUS AND BLEEDING TO DEATH YOU MOTHERFUCKING IDIOT!!" Medic adjusts his glasses calmy* Medic: no need to be all rude.." Scout: UH YEAH THERE IS!!! MY GIRLFRIENDS DIEING!!!!" Heavy: place her over on zis bed." Scout nods and walks over, calmly setting me down on the bed. He gently brushes some hair out of my face. Medic walks over with his Medigun and feels my wrist, checking for a pulse* Medic: she is not dead...." Scout smiles* Scout: thank go.." Medic: yet." Scout: wait what?" Medic: she is loosing much blood. i am not sure if i can save her." Scout: WELL DO SOMETHING YOU.." Soldier walks in* Soldier: Medic i need you to.." He realizes why everyone was yelling* Soldier: oh shit..." he walks up to the bed, then looks at the three.* Soldier: How did this happen." Scout: She ran into an enemy Heavy and.." Soldier's face turns red* Soldier: THOSE SCUM-SUCKING FRUIT BASKETS!!! SHOOTING AT OUR TEAMMATES EVEN BEFORE FIGHTING HOURS!!!" He grabs his rocket launcheer and adjusts his helmet angrily* Soldier grinds his teeth muttering: ill be right back...WITH AT LEAST 6 OF THOSE FUCKERS CRYING OUT IN AGONY!!!" Medic: SOLDIER NO!" Medic turns to Heavy* Medic: stop him. do not let him harm ze REDs yet." Heavy nods and runs after Soldier. Scout turns back to Medic* Scout: isnt there anything else we can do to help her?" Medic thinks* Medic: vell.." Scout face brightens* Scout: OH MY GOD!!!" Scout runs out of the room to Engie's room. He bursts in* Scout: YO HARD HAT!!" Engie turns around. He had been working on some way to make a level 4 sentry. Engie smiles* Engie: Howdy Scout. What'cha need?" Scout: NEED A DISPENSER!!" Engie frowns* Engie: another..?" Scout: UGH NOT FOR ME! FOR KAT!" Engie looks up* Engie: what's wrong with her." Scout: NO TIME! BRING A LEVEL 3 SENTRY TO THE INFERMARY!!" Engie is frozen. Scout groans* Scout: it wasnt a fucking suggestion IT WAS AN ORDER! NOW GO! GO! GO!" Engie nods, grabs his dispenser and follows Scout to the infermary.

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