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    A New Scout? (BLU) *part 2*

    BLU She Scout
    BLU She Scout

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    A New Scout? (BLU) *part 2* Empty A New Scout? (BLU) *part 2*

    Post  BLU She Scout

    The new Scout walks in and looks around at all of the staring faces. She looks behind her, then realizes their staring at her. She smiles* Female Scout: uh, hi." No one can talk. finally, Soldier steps up. Even his anger melted. He takes off his helmet, staring at the She Scout.* Soldier: uh, hello. Who are you?" The scout smirks* Female Scout: You dont know who i am? HAH! Im the new scout! names Kat." Soldier: but...but.." Demoman: DIS IS A MANS' JOB! NOT A LASSIE'S JOB!" Everyone looks at the Demoman, then back at Kat, who has fire shining in her eyes. she takes out her baseball bat, her eyes locked on the Demoman. She shoves Soldier out of the way stomping up to the Demoman* Kat: What. Did. You. Say filthy scottish drunk cyclops?" Scout snickers. Demoman stares at the bat, then at Kat with fear* Demoman: umm..." Kat puts her baseball bat away and glares at him* Kat: thats what i thought..." Sniper smiles and leans next to the Spy* Sniper: i loike this new scout..." Spy shrugs* Spy: zis is going to end in love." Sniper: Watcha' talkin about Spai?" Spy finishes his 3rd cigarette and tosses it aside* Spy: Watch." Sniper looks at the direction Spy is looking. hes looking at the two Scouts. Kat is walking back to where she was standing. Scout watches her and notices she is going to walk past him. He grins and brushes his shirt off. He crosses his arms and leans against the wall, smiling. He pulls his cap down a little bit. As Kat walks by, she glances at Scout, who tips his hat a little bit, smiling at her. Unnoticibly, Kat blushes and smirks at him as she walks past him. Scout grins. Soldier crosses his arms* Soldier: AAAAalright new Scout. Do you have any PROOF that your now on this team?" Kat strolls up to the Soldier, shoving a packet into his face* Kat: Read it and weap. SARGENT." Soldier reads them and scowls. He grips it hard and adjusts his helmet* Soldier growls: alright..." He turns to the team* Soldier: Alright BLU. Our new Scout. Make her feel welcome and all that shit. Mission begins in 10 hours." He walks off towards his room. The team looks around and shrugs. They begin walking away towards their rooms. Everyone, accept the Scout. Kat picks up her backpack and looks around. Scout clears his throat and Kat looks over* Scout: uh...so, your a scout huh?" Kat: yeah thats right." Scout smiles* Scout: well then, you'll be sleepin' in my room." Kat walks up to Scout smirking* Kat: that so? well, lead the way." Scout continues smiling and the two Scouts walk out of the garage* (End of part 2)
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