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    A Pyro's Story... [part 1]


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    A Pyro's Story... [part 1] Empty A Pyro's Story... [part 1]

    Post  Clevin on Fri Feb 19, 2010 2:00 pm

    ...begins just like any other. During the times of his childhood. And so we begin...

    ...at the house of Kevin Spanier, in the days when violence was not the norm in civilized society. It was a fairly big house, with a total of seventeen rooms, each of which have its own bathrooms and beds. There were eighteen people living in the house, however, and unfortunately, our poor boy Kevin was the runt of the litter. He was practically the slave, the one that did everything and never got credit. This is very similar to the folk story 'Cinderella', although on a much larger scale and much more devious ending to life at home. One day, as Kevin was taking out the trash towards the family incinerator, when he accidentally threw favorite wooden throwing stick inside. He watched it become ablaze, but instead of becoming disappointed, he was astonished. The next day, he brought another of his sticks to the incinerator, where he put the stick only half way in. When he say that it had lit, he removed the toy and watched remain ablaze! After some time, however, the hot-hot of it had reached his hand and it singed, badly. He threw the remaining half of the stick to the ground and stomped on it. Later that night, in his sleeping cabinet, he realized that he can control the 'hot-hot' of the incinerator and can manipulate it. After more series of tests, he learned the limits of 'hot-hot' and planned his mischievious plan to get back at his despicable family. The next day the house had apparently *SECTION HAS BEEN CUT OUT BY REQUEST OF THE R.E.D.* and that's how it happened. Afterwards, a man with a clean shave and polished boots walked towards him. He said with a serious, "Son, you have just killed your entire family and burned down your household." The man then had a grin upon his face, "Boy, do we have a place for you."

    Tune in next time for... A Pyro's Story

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