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    A New Scout? (BLU) *part 1*

    BLU She Scout
    BLU She Scout

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    A New Scout? (BLU) *part 1* Empty A New Scout? (BLU) *part 1*

    Post  BLU She Scout on Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:06 am

    (Inside the Blu base) BLU's Scout is in his room, sleeping and hugging his pillow. He mutters something unledgable and rolls over smiling. A loud screech is heard as the megaphone turns on* Soldier: WAKIE WAKIE LADIES!!! GET YOUR ASSES DOWN TO THE GARAGE!" Scout yelps and falls off his bed. He frowns and stands up rubbing his side as he limps to the other side of the room to change. Once he gets his Scout outfit on, he walks out of his room, still half asleep, and spots Pyro running towards the garage.* Scout: YO PYRO!" Pyro continues running around but calls back to Scout* Pyro: mmhmmm mmphm!" He turns the corner and out of hearing, leaving the scout very confused. He shrugs and walks to the garage, spotting Engineer. Engie turns and gives Scout a warm smile* Engie: Well howdy there Scout!" Scout: Sup hardhat. Any paticular reason why I'm wakin' up at 5 A.M?" Engie continues smiling* Engie: New recrute." Scout's eyes lighten up* Scout: seriously? no jokes?" Engie: nope." Scout grins* Scout: What class?" Engie shrugs* Engie: dunno. that's what we're waitin' for." Scout nods and walks up to the front, where a very un-happy Soldier is standing. Scout's smile turns a bit smug as he strolls up to Soldier, leaning against him* Scout: heeeey miltary fuck! WASSUP!!" Soldier looks at Scout with a deadly glare. This takes Scout aback, for he's never seen Soldier this angry before, even when they'd lost a match against RED. Soldier shoves Scout off hard, who hits the wall* Scout: UGH! WHAT THE FUCK WAS DAT FOR?!" Soldier holds a meaty finger at Scout, silencing him* Soldier growls: listen you little mistake of a human being! i have had THE WORST news i have heard in years. So you better keep your OVERSIZED MOUTH SHUUT!! Or i might just have to shove my hand down your throat and remove your voice box MYSELF!!!!!!" And with that, SOldier takes a deep breath and turns around. Scout gets up to protest, as Heavy and Medic walk in. Heavy is still wearing his pajamas that consist of very fluffy pink one piece feety pajamas with a night cap that matches, and his teddy bar, Mr. Scruffles.* Heavy: DOCTOR! VHY IS HEAVY UP AT ZIS HOUR! VHEN HEAVY IS UP, SANDVICH IS UP!" Heavy grabs Medic by the shirt cover, looking very upset* Heavy: SANDVICH NEEDS BEAUTY SLEEP!" Medic brushes Heavy away, adjusting his glasses* Medic: i underzand "eavy, but ve 'ad direct order to come down 'ere. Zere is a new team memeber." Heavy's eyes grow large, and he grows a huge grin* Heavy: IS IT GOING TO BE A HEAVY LIKE ME?!!!" Medic covers his ears* Medic: i do not know." Heavy slumps his shoulders and sits in a corner, hugging Mr. Scruffles. Sniper and Spy walk into the garage. Sniper is carrying a knocked out Demoman who is snoring loudly. Spy walks over to one of the corners, leaning against it and lights himself a cigarette. He takes a deep breath and blows out a puff of smoke* Spy: Soldier. Everyvon is 'ere. Now zere is still von question: WHY ARE VE HERE!!" Soldier looks over and sighs with anoyyance* Soldier: Alright listen up pansies." Everyone looks over* Soldier sighs again* Soldier: we...are getting a new recruit who should be arriving in..." At that moment, the garage door opens. Everyone shields their eyes. When their eyes adjust, they all gasp. Sniper drops Demoman who grunts when he hits the ground. He looks up, and gasps as well. In the doorway, a figure is standing. The figure slowly walks in shielding it's eyes, then it is revealed. Its a female!! A girl around her early 20's, with dirty blond hair that drapes over her shoulders, crystal blue eyes, and a very athletic body. The Scout stares in awe, for the girl is wearing a blue tank top, a very short black skirt, long white knee socks, black running shoes, a black cap, an orange headset, and gripping tape. Shes a scout!! (End of Part 1)

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