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    TF2 time chapter 5 part 2

    BLU She Scout
    BLU She Scout

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    TF2 time chapter 5 part 2 Empty TF2 time chapter 5 part 2

    Post  BLU She Scout on Wed Mar 10, 2010 8:17 am

    *Scout and Engie run out of Engineers room and dash down the hallway. Scout freezes as he spots a RED outline in front of him. His eyes shine with anger and hatred. Scout begins sprinting towards the figure, tears streaming down his face* Scout: BECAUSE OF YOU MOTHERFUCKING REDS, MY GIRLFRIEND'S DIEING!!" He smashes his baseball bat at the RED figure, but it goes right through it, and the figure disappears. it was his imagination. Scout pants, tears still falling as he looks around despratly, looking for his prey. Engineer catches up to him, putting a hand on his shoulder* Engineer: Scout. listen, your just angry. just rela.." Scout spins around, red-eyed from all the tears* Scout: HOW CAN I RELAX HARD HAT?!! THE ONLY GIRL I'VE EVER LIKED, THE ONE GIRL THAT IM IN LOVE WITH IS PROBABLY DEAD BECAUSE OF THOSE REDS!!!" Engineer stays silent as Scout covers his face, scraping tears from his face. he turns around* Scout mutters: come on." they run to the infermary. They burst into the room and realize that the rest of the team is in there, including Spy and Kayla. Clearly they had made up because Spy's arm was around Kayla's waist. they were all surrounded my bed. Medic was holding my hand, checking for another pulse. Everyone's eyes grow wide, waiting anxiously for his answer. His head bends in sorrow and he places my hand gently on my chest. Scout shoves past everyone, gazing at my still body. New tears form* Scout: no...please no..." Medic lays a hand on Scout's shoulder, but Scout grabs Medic by the neck* Scout: TELL ME SHES NOT DEAD!!!" Medic stays silent and Scout yells, kneeling to the ground, his elbows on my bed, his face burried in his hands. Everyone looks down sadly, tears staining their uniforms. Soldier takes off his helmet, placing it over his heart. Demoman places his beer bottle over his heart, sobbing slightly. everyones sad. Scout continues to cry, throwing his hat and headset on the ground carelessly. Suddenly, i cough. Scout's back straightens and he peeks up slightly. I move again. Everyone looks up this time. Scout squints his eyes, making sure they arent playing tricks on him* Scout croaks: ...K...Kat?" i open my eyes slightly, rubbing my head. Scout grins. i look over and smile weakly at Scout* Me: h..hey Scout..." Scout embaraces me in his arms. Everyone grins and cheers* Scout: oh my god!!! your alive!!" He looks into my eyes grinning* Scout: but how?!" He looks over and sees Engineer leaning against his despenser. He smiles and pats his dispenser happily* Engineer: works everytime." Scout grins again and we continue hugging. Scout leans back a little bit, brushing some hair out of my face thoughtfully.* Scout: i...i thought i lost you forever..." I smirk* Me: Scout..you cant lose me THAT easily." He smiles, his eyes sparkling* Scout: yeah. i just realized that. and im glad." I return the smile. We both lean in, and our lips meet. everyone smiles and pats each other on the back. Soldier crosses his arms* Soldier: Now that this little love fest is over, anyone care to join me in beating the shit outta the RED's?" Everyone looks at him and grins evilly including me and Scout. Scout looks at me* Scout: you up for it?" he holds out his hand smiling. i smile back* Me: i wouldn't miss it for the world." I take it* (THE END!!!)

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