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From Reborn..Happy Birthday Kat..I love you.
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    Story Time with Reborn! Part 2


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    Story Time with Reborn! Part 2 Empty Story Time with Reborn! Part 2

    Post  Reborn on Sun Jan 24, 2010 4:24 pm

    From Kat's prospective.

    so like you and team blu were fighting against red *duh* and i was on the outside of the gate walking by. you run by the gate, but your eyes grow large and u step backwards cause u thought u saw me. when u see me again, u stop and look through the gate, slightly blushing. You continue staring and Engie walks by to see why u arent fighting and notices. he chuckles and pats u on the back saying, "the scouts fallin' in love. i can see it in those eyes." after an hour, medic had healed me up a little bit. you stroll in with a smirk to bug Medic when he turns around and shushes u. you frown and walk over to see what he is all upset about. when u see "unconscous me", you slightly blush again, not believing your eyes. Medic leaves the room for a second to get some more medicean, when i groan and like open my eyes slightly. you continue staring at me. this is basically the first time we meet and we instantly fall in love. when we knew each other a little more, i was asigned to go with you to the enemy intel room. so we were happy about that. we went through the underground sewers, got the intel and ran back with it. then we stayed in our intel room to gaurd it as we waiting for Engie to come. i was sitting on the table, legs crossed, trying to get those tape gloves on, when u come back in. u see im having trouble with them, so u walk over smirking and get REALLY close to me to help me out. i blush slightly, feeling your hands against mine and when you done putting my gloves on for me, i look back at you, u look at me and we both smile, lean in, and start making out.

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