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    Killer of Halloween Nights

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    Killer of Halloween Nights Empty Killer of Halloween Nights

    Post  Somebody on Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:22 pm

    "What's that sound? AAAHHHHH GOD! MY FINGERS!!......MY HANDS!!!!"
    A man yelled in pain as blood had been pouring down his arm at the time.
    The man screamed,"MY EYES!!! THERE GONE!! I'M BLIND!!!!!" the one man
    named Freddy had been causing this pain to another guy; suddenly Freddy had
    cut the man's throat and cut off the head and used it as a soccer ball; on
    Halloween night.
    Exactly one year later it had been Halloween night again, a very creepy and
    dark Halloween night, in the town called " Small Towns-Ville." Small Towns-Ville
    was a small town. There was only one small police station, no fire-stations, only about 24 streets, and about 2 dozen houses. There were 4 teen-aged friends each
    named: John, Jake, Jack, and Jason. John was a smart 14 year old and worn:
    glasses, with red frames, short blue jeans and a, short-sleeve, green shirt. Jake
    was the coolest guy in his school, Jackson's High School, he was 15 years old and
    wore: long black jeans and a black shirt with ripped off sleeves. Jason was also a
    popular kid and was 14 years old and looked exactly like Jake, just skinnier. And
    Jason was 16 years old and was a cop ranked sergeant in an all black cop uniform.
    It was about 5:27 P.M. and Jake, Jason, and John were talking about the
    newest rumors. Jason said," I heard every Halloween night, there is some killer
    that awaits in the darkness for his next victim to kill." and Jake said," Oh yea?
    Well, I bet if some one like Jack could set a trap or something they could get rid of him."And Jason said,"From what I hear his name is Freddy or something. And he likes to take his kills nice.....and.....slowly. He would cut off all the fingers.....then the hands.....THEN THE EYES....THEN HE LIKES TO SLIT THEIR THROAT AND HE-" John yelled,"OK,OK! ENOUGH! You're creepin me out ALOT," John said in terror. " O.K. fine
    An hour later, the three of them went outside and went for a walk; watching all the trick-or-treaters. After a while Jason caught a glimps of something in the shadows and he told Jake and John. After a while, all three of them saw the leaping shadow again and heard a scream of death. Quickly, they called Jack; and Jack speedily drove over to where they were. After a time of explaining, Jack said it happened every year on Halloween night and he never seemed to have caught him. And Jack said," I'm feeling quite lucky this year I've caught more bad guys then anyone in my police station; I have a good feeling that im going to catch him this year."
    After a while of searching for Freddy, they all fell into a trap......a very dark one........."Oh man! It's so dark in here I can't see a thing!" Jack said said with questioning in his voice," Maaaaaybe I can look around this room for an exit,"Jack said," Hey, I think I found an exit, I'm going to check it out." "No way. Not you Jack. I born to take big risks," Jason spoke with confidence in his voice. As Jason was leading the way John felt something and said,"Hey! This feels like a gun! Here Jack take it!" "Thanks!" Jack said. After a while of walking they finally got out on the outside; it was already 9:26 P.M.
    After 10 minutes, they finally met Freddy and John said," Quickly! Jake,
    Jason, and I will distract Freddy! Jack, you need to shoot and kill Freddy and quickly!!"After a few shots of missing, Jack had one bullet left and with a very lucky shot; he gave a very stunning shot between the eyes and jammed in Freddy's brain with blood dripping down Freddy's head he had been dead. Finally after a while of burning and throwing Freddy's body in an ocean, they had all agreed to never go outside on Halloween night ever again.

    To be contined...

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