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    A New Scout? (BLU) *part 2*

    BLU She Scout
    BLU She Scout

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    A New Scout? (BLU) *part 2* Empty A New Scout? (BLU) *part 2*

    Post  BLU She Scout on Wed Mar 10, 2010 7:47 am

    *The She Scout looks around the garage at the nine pairs of eyes staring at her.* Female Scout: umm...hey..?" Soldier steps up, arms crossed.* Soldier: Who the hell are you...?" the female scout smiles smugly, pointing at herself* Female Scout: I. am the new Scout. didn't you get the memo pally?" Soldier looks at his clipboard, scratching his helmet. he grits his teeth, holding in his temper* Soldier: I was told we we're getting a scout. but not a....female..." The She Scout rolls her eyes* Female Scout: sexist much..?" Soldier: listen her missy." (female scout snickers at Soldier after he said 'missy')"The battlefield is for MEN and men only, so why don't you just..." Scout strolls up to Soldier, resting his elbow against the Soldier's shoulder* Scout: aww come on Solja! look." Scout takes out a black marker and writes 'HOT FEMALE' before the word 'SCOUT' on Soldier's clipboard. Scout grins and slaps the board* Scout: see? its been dar all along! think dat helmet of yours needs a bit o' cleanin' and i don't mean your hat." Female Scout giggles and Scout smiles at her. Soldier mutters to himself* Soldier: ....alright...so, new scout.." Female Scout: it's Kat." Soldier stares at her coldly* Soldier: I really don't give a shit. This team has consisted of only men. you better pray good and hard tonight that you dont mess up MY team, or by god you'll be outta here in the next train home!!" And with that, Soldier stomps out of the room, leaving Kat and eight other teammates very stunned and confused. Kat coughs* Kat: well. 'parently, Military Fuck doesn't have a real liking to me." Sniper chuckles* Sniper: Worst temper ive ever seen in mi life." Pyro nods, still looking at the door. Medic shrugs* Medic: He ties my patience...if only i 'ad experi...talked vith 'im...before i vas charged, 'is temper might ave been eazed." Spy breathes out a puff of smoke and crosses his arms look at the doctor* Spy: You 'ave my permission to cut open ze Soldier. If you ask me, ze only reason 'e does not vant a woman on ze team is very obvious." There is a silence in the room, then everyone shudders. Engineer leans toward Scout* Engie whispers: ima build a sentry near mah room....just in case..." Scout nods* Scout: yeah...might have to keep my bat with me..." Heavy yawns* Heavy: HEAVY MUST GET SLEEP. COME ALONG DOCTOR." Medic nods and follows Heavy out of the garage. Soon, everyone else follows. Spy finishes his cigarette and flings it across the room, slowly walking back to his room, locking his door, leaving the two scouts alone. Kat picks up her backpack and looks around. Scout coughs and Kat looks over, seeing Scout shove his hands in his pockets* Scout: so uh...your a scout too?" Kat looks at her clothes and gives him an obvious look* Kat: really. what made you say that genius?" Scout smirks and the two of them stay silent for a while. Scout steps a bit closer* Scout: well...come on." Kat: huh?" Scout smiles at her* Scout: if your a scout, you sleep in da scout's room." Kat returns the smile and the two Scout's head to their room* (End of part 2) (By the way, the reason why everyone shuddered was because Soldier's gay Shocked )

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