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From Reborn..Happy Birthday Kat..I love you.
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    Story Time with Reborn! Empty Story Time with Reborn!

    Post  Reborn on Sat Jan 23, 2010 5:47 pm

    I was running from a heavy with the intel, i am on the bridge, i run up through the front hallway and up the right stairs, I stop..I notice blood creeping in from the spawnpoint, I drop the intel and run into the spawn, Kat is lying in front of the medical cabinint with her stomach cut open and bleeding out badly, tearing up, i yell for the medic, medic comes in and trys to fix her up, i pick Kat up and hold her in my arms, I yell at the doctor to do something useful.. a tear drips onto Kat...**End**

    From this story, I give demomen x9 the hurt.

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